Career Paths - Statutory / Regulatory

Central Bank of Malta (CBM)

A career at the Central Bank of Malta (CBM) is a rewarding one since the CBM is proactive in rewarding and investing in its employees.  In view of its role both locally and within the European Union, the CBM is after people who are flexible and adaptive in their overall approach to work.

Depending on staffing requirements the CBM recruits staff at non clerical, clerical and junior executive levels.  When doing so, the CBM recruits clerks, ICT technicians / professionals, internal auditors and economics officers.

The CBM recruits from a number of degree disciplines both at B.Com and B.Com (Honours) level depending on the vacancy.  As such the disciplines most sought after are Economics, Accountancy and ICT.

Like the MFSA the CBM also offers careers in areas such as human resources and general administration.  Generally these opportunities arise after some years of service of a technical nature together with completion of studies in line with specific career paths allocated on the basis of aptitude.

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