Parents and Career Advisors

The level and extent of utilisation of this website by parents and career advisors depends on the underlying and overall reasons for usage and to who the information will be transmitted. Another factor to be taken into consideration is the level of awareness of the parent or career advisor as to what constitutes the finance sector and its requirements at all levels. Therefore parents and career advisors will obtain the maximum out of this website once they take the foregoing into consideration and after navigating accordingly. Where and how to navigate would depend on their awareness level.  In this regard parents and career advisors may follow the navigational suggestions that are included for different categories of students as applicable. 

At the same time, parents and career advisors may wish to keep in view the following recommendations when fulfilling their roles:

  1. Seek all possible information from different sources, including this website particularly the links provided under the ‘Resources’ Section.
  2. Help children / students identify their own strengths and interests particularly through identification of favourite and least favourite lessons / subjects.
  3. Help them understand the connection between what they may choose to do now and what they might wish to do in the future.
  4. Challenge in a gentle way any choices that might be of concern to you or on which you may have reservations.
  5. Support the decisions they take rather than impose what you think is best for them.
  6. Encourage them to have a back-up plan that could include your own suggestions.
  7. Make them feel they have a good level of control over the decisions they take.
  8. Encourage them to engage in extra-curricular activities that involve direct personal interaction and working in teams such as sports, drama or voluntary work to facilitate the development of  personal skills.

Last but not least, sustained contact between parents and career advisors ensures consistency of approach that will provide the required security to children / students.