Career Paths

Ancillary / Administrative Services

Like any other economic sector, the finance sector depends on various ancillary / administrative services to function in an efficient manner and to be ready to meet new development - related demands that arise in view of its dynamic nature.

Career-wise the implication is that one can actually end up being involved with or actually finding employment in the finance sector even though his or her area of specialisation might be employed in any other economic sector.

This section suggests a number of career possibilities that may be available from time to time. Ancillary / administrative services are required across the finance sector as a whole, whether in the market or in the statutory / regulatory areas and career possibilities do arise from time to time. However, similar possibilities may also within companies and entities that are themselves ancillary to the sector such as audit and accountancy firms, legal,marketing (including public relations) and management consultants and other similar practitioners that are essential to the finance sector even though they are not themselves licence holders.