University Students

It is probable that at University level or at an equivalent level of studies (tertiary), students would be well aware of what the finance sector is all about. In addition, a generic career choice would have already been made. In this likelihood, it would be useful for such students that, besides this web site, they access and navigate within the Malta Financial Services Authority website. In this way they would be able to obtain a broader and more specific idea as to what the financial services sector is all about. University students might also find it useful to look at the 'Jobs for You' sections of this website after familiarising themselves with the finance sector as a whole.

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In so far as careers are concerned, this particular career web site provides technical information on a number of career options that are available as a means to ‘enter’ the finance sector and related details regarding qualifications.

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At the same time it is also strongly recommended that University students and others who are undertaking studies at tertiary level pay particular attention to the personal requirements and employment hints that are included under the ‘Getting Started’ heading in this web site.

Last but not least University students may be interested in getting information of the opportunities that are available for further specialisation. Further information on the training bodies that provide training programmes for further specialisation together with relevant links are available under the ‘Resources’ Section.

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