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Sample Vacancies

All information is being provided for guidance purposes only

Receptionist / Customer Care

The job entails:
  • Dealing with clients in person and over the phone.
  • Answering and dealing with enquiries of a general nature.
  • Directing and channeling clients to appropriate personnel.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • At least Ordinary level qualifications.
  • Fluency in spoken English, Maltese and preferably Italian. 
  • Smart personality and good level of communication skills.

 Account Handler / Claims Handler

The job entails:
  • Dealing with individual, intermediary and corporate customers’ (both local and foreign) enquiries on a regular basis serving their particular needs.
  • Dealing with various personnel such as surveyors, loss adjusters, doctors and lawyers to service the organisation.
  • Issuing and processing of company documentation including surveys and reports.
  • Handling of cash transactions.
  • Working closely with other departments internally and externally.
  • Visiting on-site risks and/or loss locations.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:            
  • A person who is assertive, outgoing, positive, motivated, possesses good customer care, takes initiative and has good communications skills.
  • Command of both verbal and written Maltese and English.
  • Ability to process instructions with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to work under pressure and within a team.
  • At least an ‘O’ level standard of education and a recognised insurance qualification at Dip CII level (or in the process of obtaining such a qualification).

Compliance Officer

The job entails:
  • The Compliance obligations of the Licence Holder including compliance with the applicable prevention of Money Laundering Obligations.
  • A good knowledge of the insurance legislation, regulations and the Insurance Services Guidelines.
 Qualifications and Skills Required: The Compliance Officer should preferably have :
  • A degree in insurance and finance or accounting or be a Doctor of Laws.
  • Additional relevant qualifications such as the Diploma in Financial Services Operations and Compliance (Malta) of the MITC and/or
  • The MA in Financial Services of the University of Malta or a similar qualification certified accordingly by the Malta Qualifications Council

Insurance Claims Surveyor / Loss adjuster

The job entails :
  • Providing technical service to customers in carrying out insurance related surveys or loss reports.
  • Assisting and liaising with claims personnel, claimants, suppliers, repairers and legal personnel.
  • Keeping in line with insurance practices and procedures.
  • Keeping abreast of market trends and tendencies in terms of value of assets, spare parts, cost of repair and repair methods.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • At least ‘O’ level standard qualifications.
  • A sound knowledge of different classes of insurance.
  • Preferably a certificate or in the process of obtaining a certificate in surveying / loss adjusting.

Insurance Manager

The job entails:
  • The appropriate management of the operations within a department, section or units within an organisation.
  • Ability to report and make strategic recommendations.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • University degree or equivalent and/or insurance qualification/s at ACII or higher.
  • Computer proficient.
  • Possess management skills and aptitude.
  • Familiar with most classes of insurance.

Tied Insurance Intermediary

The job entails:
  • Selling of insurance.
  • Servicing of clients on behalf of an insurance Principal.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • At least ‘O’ level standard qualifications.
  • A basic knowledge of insurance certified by means of a foundation certification.

Insurance Broker

The job entails:
  • The broking of insurance which is mainly the servicing of a proposer, policyholder or claimant.
  • Involving a highly technical service and requiring appropriate technical knowledge in most areas of insurance.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • A Level standard of education and / or an insurance qualification at ACII (or equivalent) or higher.
  • Experience of the insurance market.

Risk Manager

The job entails :
  • The identification of all those risk affecting the operations of the organisation and its respective stakeholders in achieving its desired objectives.
  • Utilisation of a variety of tools in risk analysis with the objective of measuring and evaluating such risk appropriately.
  • Reporting recommendations for control measure and contingencies.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • The Risk Manager should preferably possess a professional qualification in Risk Management (MIRM) or its equivalent as deemed relevant by the interviewing organisation.
  • Previous or related experience in risk management.


The job entails performing the following functions:
  • Estimating the reserves for the future claims of a Lloyd’s syndicate;
  • Helping a company identify its management information requirements;
  • Helping a motor insurer establish the relative rate levels for different rating groups;
  • Advising a building society on the capital requirements for its captive insurance company;
  • Advising a reinsurance company on its rates for Catastrophe Excess of Loss reinsurance.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • An actuarial should preferably have a recognised Diploma in Actuarial Techniques or any other similar/related qualification at University level.
  • Previous experience / exposure in the area of actuarial studies


The job entails : The assessment of various risks with a view of making a decision on whether to accept the risk or not. Also:
  • Gathering and assessing background information and studying various insurance proposals;
  • Calculating possible risk and deciding how much individuals or organisations should pay for insurance deciding whether the risk should be shared with a re-insurer;
  • Computing results for appropriate premiums using actuarial information, other statistics and own judgement;
  • Visiting brokers or potential customers and preparing quotes;
  • Liaising with specialists, such as surveyors or doctors, for risk assessment
  • Gathering information and various types of reports from specialists;
  • Negotiating terms with policyholders or their brokers;
  • Ensuring that premiums are competitive;
  • Specifying conditions to be imposed on different types of policies;
  • Negotiating with brokers and drawing up contracts;
  • Writing policies
 Qualifications and Skills Required: 
  • An underwriter should preferably have an ACII qualification or equivalent
  • A minimum 5 years experience in a similar post.

Captive Insurance Officer

The job entails :
  • The servicing of specific clients and their respective accounts.
  • A high level of knowledge of both the local and foreign markets.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • A Level standard of education together with an insurance qualification at ACII (or equivalent) or higher.
  • Experience of the insurance market

Reinsurance officer

The job entails:
  • Transferring / sharing of risks of an insurer.
  • Managing of several treaties and contracts ensuring an appropriate spread of risks for the insurer.
  • High level of knowledge of both the local and foreign markets.
 Qualifications and Skills Required:
  • A Level standard of education together with an insurance qualification at ACII (or equivalent) or higher.
  • Experience of the insurance market

Insurance Lawyer

The job entails:
  • Drafting and reviewing documentation required for authorisation by the financial  services regulator to carry out the business of insurance.
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements to be entered into by an insurance company, insurance service providers and insurance managers.
  • Providing any advice of a legal nature as may be required by a licence holder operating in the insurance sector.
  • Providing input of a legal nature in connection with established or new insurance solutions.
 Qualifications and Skills Required
  • A Doctor of Laws degree
  • A warrant to practice as a lawyer
  • A post graduate degree in financial services, particularly insurance (would be an asset)
  • Practical experience of the insurance market.